About CharlieIndia Invoice HUB

CharlieIndia Invoice HUB is a white label e-invoicing platform and an interoperability enabler technology.

The product enables banks and enterprises

  • to have a single point of entry and exit to all invoices,
  • to effectively manage invoice data connections within the company among various IT systems,
  • connect to the world by a single managed contact point for any purpose (taxation, invoice presentment, integrating with other softwares or connecting to business networks, or getting transaction data from banks),
  • to consolidate all incoming and outgoing invoices in one place and enable real time overview, archiving and search features,
  • to set-up partner (supplier or customer) portals enabling more effective document and data exchange.

Feature set

Issue and send invoices

Receive invoices

Approve and process invoices

•Tailor-made invoicing processes

•Send processable e-invoices to customers, increase outgoing e-invoice penetration

•Invoice presentment portal

•Invoice data consolidation from various IT systems

•Intercompany invoicing

•Invoice delivery to banking portals

•Invoice inbox, one-stop invoice receipt


•Supplier portal

•Tailor-made approval processes

•Process all true e-invoices, with no IT development effort

•ERP/accounting software integrations, with minimum IT development needs

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