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Partner HUB Ltd has been providing online invoicing services and invoicing technologies since its foundation in 2015.

We have developed the Charlie-India data exchange platform on which we built our flagship product Invoice HUB, which is a white-label e-invoicing solution for banks, invoicing service providers and enterprises.

For corporates and SMEs we provide technology components and drag and drop solutions for invoice-related problems, such as: setting-up tailor-made invoicing processes, invoice data consolidation, incoming invoice processing handling various e-invoice formats, invoice archiving, tools to set-up tax reporting or joining tax clearance schemes, enabling Peppol Network Connectivity, payment and invoice data matching, user-friendly invoice lists and invoice search.

We are promoters of e-invoicing interoperability by providing an enabling technology. We believe that the faster the market uptake of interoperable e-invoicing solutions is, the higher the benefits are to all e-invoicing ecosystem stakeholders.

We aim to be technology providers to accelerate globally interoperable e-invoicing solutions focusing on SMEs. Our data exchange technology radically decreases IT and business resources required for enterprise integrations.

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