Invoice HUB for enterprises

Using Invoice HUB enterprises can build their own tailor-made invoicing system block-by-block to cater to their specific needs

When we talk to potential customers they already have systems managing invoicing (AR, AP) processes, but frequently they remain unhappy, because the product/system they have chosen do not fit their specific needs.

We designed our product Invoice HUB to fill in those gaps perfectly, fitting both existing systems and customer needs while minimizing implementation efforts.

Invoicing processes made to measure

Invoice HUB takes the admin out of invoicing like nothing else can

Fast and painless project implementation and system integration

Each system is made from scratch from elementary blocks to make sure your company’s needs are exactly covered  

Invoice HUB can recognize and process data from different format e-invoices. Invoice HUB has effective tools to manage paper and pdf invoices, too. 

Charlie India’s bespoke solutions can be set up and incorporated within weeks 

No need to change current systems 

Charlie India’s team of experts have developed an easy to understand interface which ensures a seamless integration process 

Invoice HUB 

With CharlieIndia Invoice you can set up full functionality AR and AP management systems. The platform is capable of setting up tailor-made invoice management processes. It can be integrated with your company’s existing systems seamlessly. 

Invoice HUB Archive 

This product is composed of those backend components, with which documents created/stored/received in Charlie-India Invoice HUB can be sorted into an electronic archive. The set-up archive is compliant with legal requirements of digital archiving.  

Invoice HUB – Hungarian Tax Authority Connection as a service 

Hungarian Tax Authority Connection as a service enables the requested online tax authority connection with the Hungarian Tax Authority. Input invoice data can come from connecting invoicing or ERP systems, but also from the Invoice HUB system. Input invoice data structures can be defined based on customer requirements or ready-made data structures delivered together with the product can be used.