Charlie-India takes the friction out from the order2 cash and invoice2 pay processes by providing a universal solution for request-to-pay

We enable banks to leverage their investments into instant payments and request-to-pay by providing an opportunity for generating a request-to-pay instruction simultanously with the invoice.

Works with any invoicing software


Quantifiable benefits for the banking customer

Our solution connects enterprises with their banks: it does not matter whether the customer uses a tailor-made solution or an online invoicing product

Only a hassle-free API connection is necessary on the customer side.

We are well-equipped and prepared to integrate with banks’ instant payment APIs.

E-invoicing together with request-to-pay causes 90-95% savings on receivables management for the banking customer.

B2B and B2C customer use cases

  • Request-to-pay for B2C invoicing with immediate payment
  • Request-to-pay for B2C invoicing with deferred payment
  • Request-to-pay for B2C invoicing with payment guarantee
  • Request-to-pay for B2B invoicing

How does it work?

Request-to-pay integrated with invoicing

Customer benefits

•Room for data mismatch minimized on the banking customer side between invoice and request-to-pay data

•Easy data tracing and error alerts

•Automatic payment and invoice data reconciliation – efficiency increase of financial admininstration processes

Bank benefits

•New value added service to enterprise customers that delivers quantifiable value on the customer side

•Door opening product for API-based banking services leveraging PSD2 and instant payment APIs

•Access to digital invoice data for further value added services

•Competitive offer from the bank against independent payment service providers

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