Invoice HUB for banks

Invoice HUB is giving banks the unique opportunity to build their own bespoke BFM systems to fit the needs of SME customers

Charlie-India Invoice HUB allows banks to make life as easy as possible for every small business, with bespoke and ready-to-go invoicing systems

Digital SME banking enriched with AR and AP management for SME companies

Ready made white label invoicing

Charlie-India Invoice HUB has a ready-made foundation, from which banks can build their own tailor-made invoicing system block-by-block to cater to the needs of each individual customer, features can be added to or taken away to suit the needs of the banks’ customers

Easily integrated into the internet bank

Charlie-India Invoice HUB can be integrated into the bank’s existing framework with unprecedented speed and ease. The implementation of the platform for a minimum viable product takes only weeks and minimizes IT and organizational efforts to launch invoice related services for SMEs.

Takes the pain out of invoice processing

We have designed the platform to make sure that banking customers don’t lose valuable time, effort and resources on the invoicing and payment cycle through our automated system.

Valuable for Banks

With PSD2 and Open Banking banks should preserve the customer ownership
Complete ownership and protection of highly important transaction data

With providing white label invoicing services Charlie India gives banks the rare luxury of owning the transaction data from both invoicing and payments, rather than giving the data and customer ownership away to a 3rd party provider

Making banks more accessible to SMEs than anyone else

The SME market is the next big battle ground. Charlie India helps banks attract SMEs through their simple and easy-to-use tool that helps with a huge pain point, financial administration.

Read more about our Ecosystem building concept where banks can become integration and data hubs.

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