Invoice HUB

Invoice HUB for banks is an 80% ready-made white label software product, which is to be integrated into the internet bank for invoice related services. The bank can customize the ready-made functionality based on its individual needs: processes can be built up in the system that are compatible with existing processes in the bank.

Additional value from invoice data assets

  • tailor made and well-timed financing offers, as the cash flow of the company can be forecasted based on outgoing and incoming invoice data, cash-flow projection tool can be offered to SMEs, who always struggle with liquidity issues
  • credit scoring models will be based on real time business transaction data instead of annual financial reports
  • invoice financing (factoring, working capital or supply chain or export financing) service processes can be digitized based on invoice data
  • for large invoice issuing companies (public utility companies, telecommunications companies, etc.), for whom it is important that e-invoices are delivered and paid fast, the bank can provide a mass of SME invoice recipients

Invoice HUB for banks

  1. Customer and supplier invoice management:
    1. Receiving and processing supplier invoices – automatic e-invoice data processing from other Invoice HUB systems and other invoicing systems,
    1. User interface for paper based/pdf invoices together with OCR
    1. Issuing tax regulation compliant e-invoices in any tax jurisdiction
    1. Easy integration with ERP/accounting/invoicing systems
  • Integration with the bank’s payment system
    • 1-click supplier invoice payment generated from invoice data
    • matching invoice data with payment data
  • All required back office functions (registration, subscription management and authentication).

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