About CharlieIndia

CharlieIndia is a document-based data-exchange platform with a unique data distribution model. Registered users may create, store, send and receive different types of documents having different identification systems. The core system has features for registration, authentication, handling master data and system parametering.

Based on features of the core system, parametering and incremental development is adequte to launch new online business applications, such as invoicing, PSD2 API, and structured data exchange for any other purposes.

The architecture of the core system ensures that only relevant/permitted data structures are distributed among participants, while data separation is ultimate having separate databases for each participant. Dynamic data strucures ensure that all changes may be handled with parametering instead of IT development. Due to dynamic data structures and modular/elementary coding of functions, CharlieIndia can serve various business needs without limitations and minimize incremental IT development. Because of its architecture and data exchange model, CharlieIndia supports the creation of networks.

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